Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NOTW: Pink & White Sand

I usually don't like textured nail polish but I did take a liking to OPI's Liquid Sand when the Bond Girl collection came out last year. Being that Valentine's is coming up I brought out two polishes from the collection, pink and white.

Here you see two coats of OPI Solitaire and two coats of OPI Pussy Galore on the accent nail.  I added some polka dots with the alternating color on the parts of the nails but they're barely visible.  I wasn't expecting the nail polish to last much on my nails being that there was no protective top coat but I was pleasantly surprised when on day 5, all I really had was minimal wear on the tips.  I decided to add a top coat for the last couple of days wear.

And here it is, with a coat of Gelous. I like Liquid Sand on its own but I like it even more with a top coat.  Neither of these pictures really give these polishes any justice but the top coat really brings out the sparkle.

I'm going to have to start bringing out my other Liquid Sand polishes and start swatching them. :)