Monday, August 26, 2013

Sugar Venom by Pahlish || Review/Swatch

One of the most recent additions to my indie polish stash is by Pahlish.  I have seen various swatches of this brand but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I finally purchased a couple polishes including Sugar Venom from the Coney Island Queen Collection.

Sugar Venom is described as a:
creamy neon pink with intense pink duochrome microflakes and scattered metallic berry accents. - Pahlish
This polish tends to look more like a creamy deep pink rather than a hot pink, however the rest of the description is on point.  The duocrhome glitter is hard to capture on camera but you can catch a glimpse towards the top of the bottle. The formula is smooth and you get nice even coverage after two good coats.  Pahlish is definitely a brand I look forward to purchasing from again.

You can purchase a .5oz bottle of Sugar Venom on the Pahlish Etsy Shop for $9.00.