Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pink Granite by Laquerlicious || Review/Swatch

During the last couple of month I’ve added countless indie glitter polishes to my collection but when I saw Laquerlicious’ Pink Granite, I thought it was unlike any other I have purchased.  I love the pink/white/black color combination and the various glitter sizes/shapes.

This polish is in a clear base with black, white and pink matte glitter! There are hex and square shapes, ranging from Large to tiny in size. Very pretty! - Laquerlicious

Shown here is one nice coat of Pink Granite over OPI Sparrow Me the Drama and ORLY Liquid Vinyl/White on the ring finger. This polish is so pretty!  Application was easy. Each coat is packed with fine pink glitter, tiny black glitter, and pink/white/black hex and squares.  The large black square glitter is probably the one you would have to fish for if you wanted it on each nail although I like how it looks as is, random.

Pink Granite sells for $8.50 + shipping at Laquerlicious.