Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Urban Decay Loose Pigments

I had previously blogged about having purchased Urban Decay Loose Pigments and I finally got around to actually swatching them.  Here are the results:
The colors are very pigmented even without primer, they have a lot of shimmer and they go on smooth.  Do I love the colors? Absolutely! Would I buy these loose pigments again? No.  The packaging is what kills it for me.  Yes the packaging is cute but it's bulky considering the amount of product you get. Each tube contains 1.2g which is basically the amount of product you see through the little clear window. Part of the reason it's bulky is because the cap is actually a brush applicator.
Having a brush incorporated into the packaging is very convenient, however, I did not like this brush at all.  I found that each time I swiped the pigment on, the brush would flick the loose pigment all over my face.

I decided I would do one of two things.  If I wanted to keep these in the form of loose pigments, I would empty out the contents into a 5g jar or I could just make them into pressed eye shadows.  I decided I would do the latter.  All I'm waiting for are the empty pans I ordered from Stars Makeup Haven on January 6, which JUST shipped today o_O. (Project completed, see post here: Pressing Pigments.)

I definitely do not regret purchasing these loose pigments being that I got such a great deal, $2.00 each.  However, if I were to purchase these colors again, I would purchase them in eye shadow form. The eye shadows are $17.00 for 1.5g, vs. the loose pigment which are $20.00 for 1.2g. I'd get more product for less money and won't need to worry about making a mess.


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I love swatches >.< makes me want to buy more make up o_0 lol